Welcome to the New Mexico Alliance for School-Based Health Care, a 501c3 non-profit organization that envisions healthy students who are ready to learn. The Alliance represents over 70 School-Based Health Centers within New Mexico and collaborates with other partners to promote, facilitate, and advocate for comprehensive, culturally competent health care, including health education, in schools.

The New Mexico Alliance for School-Based Health Care benefits students, families, schools and communities by:

  • Advocating in support of SBHCs in their delivery of medical and behavioral health services at school for students when they need it, thereby catching health problems, like asthma, diabetes and depression, early and preventing bigger problems later.

  • Promoting comprehensive health services to students at school so they can avoid health-related absences and receive support to succeed in school.

  • Partnering with schools to provide students coordinated services and support for success.

  • Networking and collaborating with others to advocate for school-based health care at the state, national, tribal and local levels.

School-Based Health Care: It Just Makes Sense.


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