Each year NMASBHC creates a statewide school-based health center calendar. SBHCs across the state submit photos to be featured in this special calendar. The calendar is given to all state and federal legislators, every SBHC across New Mexico, partners, stakeholders, funders, and sponsors.

Thank you for your submissions for the NMASBHC’s 2021 calendar! This year we highlight SBHCs at Mora Valley and Atrisco Heritage.

If you haven’t received your copy, or need an additional copy, you can reach out to Wilma at wilma@nmasbhc.org or Nancy at nancy@nmasbhc.org. 
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Look out for 2022 NMASBHC Calendar cycle.

Photo Release Form NMASBHC If minors are present in your photo submission please provide signed photo release forms for each minor in the photo (if there are multiple forms they can be uploaded together as one PDF document).