If you are looking for information on New Mexico SBHCs you are in the right place. Whether you are educating your school principal about the importance of your SBHC, providing a presentation at a community event about the impact of SBHCs across New Mexico, or any other number of initiatives related to school-based health care the documents below are an excellent place to start. NMASBHC creates and updates documents regularly to demonstrate the great work SBHCs are doing in New Mexico and emphasize their importance for health and educational outcomes of young people. If you have additional questions about the documents on this page please feel free to contact us.

New Mexico SBHC Overview 

Provides a comprehensive view of where SBHCs are located in New Mexico, who they serve, who sponsors them, and data on services provided.

SBHC Critical Needs and Quotes From Parents

Summarizes data collected from the field of the most significant issues SBHC teams see in the kids they serve and showcases parent/guardian support for SBHCs.

How SBHCs Address Health Priorities

Describes how SBHCs address the NMDOH health priorities through the services they provide to kids where they are when they need them.