The New Mexico Alliance for School-Based Health Care, as a contractor for the New Mexico Public Education Department, GRADS Plus grant, has created and collected a series of tools and resources to support health outcomes and increase health literacy of young people who are pregnant/expectant and parenting. These tools may be useful directly for these young people or for adults who support them (e.g. teachers, health care providers, etc.). The goal of these resources and tools is to assist in guiding young people as they navigate, for themselves and their children, the complicated U.S. health care system so they can receive the most optimum health for themselves and their families. These tools may be of use to any young person learning about health care navigation.

2017 Youth Health Literacy Guide

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GRADS and SBHCs Collaboration

School-based and health centers and the GRADS program staff can collaborate in many ways that support the best health and academic outcomes for expectant and parenting teens. The following documents describe and support best practices in the field that other SBHCs and GRADS programs may wish to replicate to support their young patients and students and their families.

GRADS and SBHCs: An Important Partnership

Thanks to our colleagues, Ruth Center and Chris Eisenberg of Santa Fe, we have the following instructive video featuring their best practices for collaboration.

Serving Expectant and Parenting Teens Webinars

Adoption Rights for Young Parents and Expectant Teens

Consent, Confidentiality, and Rights of Young Parents

NMASBHC Youth Health Literacy Guide: Utilizing the Parent Assessment Worksheet on Child Health Care in SBHCs and GRADS Classes

Reproductive Coercion: Assessment and Intervention

SBHCs and Expectant and Parenting Teens: What Care Can Be Provided?

Transportation Benefits and Pregnancy/Infant Rewards Programs: Educating Students in SBHCs and GRADS Classes

Apps, Videos, and Resources for Young Parents

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