NMASBHC provides technical assistance to all SBHCs across New Mexico. Technical assistance can range from support with SBHC operations and sponsorship, to billing and reimbursement, to collaboration with school administrators and teachers, to providing a broad range of tools and resources, as well as other types of support that can help SBHCs best serve the young people in their communities.

Reach Out

Contact NMASBHC staff for help and support via email.

Kim Stanek, Program Manager for Constituent Services – kim@nmasbhc.org

SBHC visits

NMASBHC loves to visit SBHCs to learn about the great work being done in our communities across the state and hear about ways we can support SBHCs. We make every effort to visit a SBHC each month. Contact us if you would like to setup a visit.

Join the New Mexico School-Based Health Center Basecamp

Participate in regular check-ins with NMASBHC, NMDOH, Apex, and other SBHC partners, ask other SBHCs across New Mexico questions or share your own best practices and find SBHC specific documents and resources all  rolled up in one easy-to-digest cloud based system.

In the beginning NMASBHC will pose questions we have heard from the field, but, at any time, you also can pose questions to other SBHCs, OSAH, NMASBHC, or Apex. We hope this communication avenue will allow you to connect with SBHC teams across the state as well as the SBHC partners in a way that fits with your busy schedules.

Join the NM SBHC Basecamp