All Documents on this Page Are Approved for Use for SY 2016-17 by OSAH, regardless of dates found on form.

This page is divided into three sections: General Resources, Chart- Right Side, and Chart- Left Side.


General Resources

SBHC 2015-16 Standards and Benchmarks

SBHC FY '14 Operational Business Plan

SBHC Lab Log Example

SBHC Progress Report Packet due December 2013

SBHC Progress Report Packet due May 2014

SBHC Student Satisfaction Survey and Cover Letter w/ Instructions

2013-2014 Encounter Form

2013-2014 SBHC Deliverables Check-off List

Confidential Services for Minors Handout - English

Confidential Services for Minors Handout - Español

Lab Documentation Example

Medicaid Billing Guidelines

MediTape Example Sheet

OSAH List of Known SBHC Locations in New Mexico

OSAH Staff Contact Sheet

Oxygen Tank Log

Positive Youth Development Approach and Health Promotion Resource Sheet

Prescription Drug Sign Out Sheet

Psychiatric Services 2012-2013 Crosswalk Sheet

Resources for Bullying Prevention and Suicide Prevention

Sterilization Log Sample Form

Suicide Prevention Packet

Temperature Log Template

Ten Marketing Steps to Increase SBHC Utilization

UA Results Diagnostic Lab Form

Wrap-Up Meeting Form

Your Voice Counts, SBHC Health Needs Assessment Tool


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Chart- Right Side

Asthma Action Plan for Schools- English

Asthma Action Plan for Schools- Español

Behavioral Health Case Consultation Sign In Sheet

Behavioral Health Clinical Assessment Form

Behavioral Health Discharge Form

Behavioral Health Progress Note Form

Behavioral Health Referral and Consultation Form

Behavioral Health Treatment Plan Form

Body mass Index-for-Age Percentiles- Boys

Body Mass Index-for-Age Percentiles- Girls

ES Health Exam Progress Notes Form

Health Progress Notes (Mid & High School)

NMAA Sports Physical Form


Chart- Left Side

Student Health Questionnaires