Legislative News and Updates

7/10/14 - The Governor did not veto funding for school-based health centers in Senate Bill 313. This a giant leap forward for acquiring restoration funding for New Mexico school-based health centers. Click here see the full bill and list of line item vetoes.

2/5/2013 - NMASBHC needs your help to restore SBHC funding by supporting specific bills at the state level. Click here for more information on how you can help.

1/25/2013 - NMASBHC supports the following bills: SB19 (Appropriation to the Department of Health for the Office of School and Adolescent Health) and SB47 (Appropriation to the Department of Health to Fund SBHCs).

1/25/2013 - The following document is an appeal by NMASBHC to restore lost SBHC funding.


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