SBHC Guide


The following file is a working draft of the new New Mexico School Based Health Center Guide.

2012 SBHC Guide working draft (PDF)

This NM SBHC Health Guide is a State of New Mexico Document, revised and updated by the New Mexico Alliance for School-Based Health Care, under contract with the New Mexico Department of Health Office of School and Adolescent Health and in partnership with the University of New Mexico Envision New Mexico program and Apex Education, Inc.
This “document” is the revised New Mexico School-Based Health Center (SBHC) Guide. This document purposefully has been placed online so that it can be updated regularly. This means it is important to check this site frequently in order to stay up to date on matters important to your SBHC. Currently, the document is still a work in progress so you will want to check here frequently as the sections are fleshed out in the coming months.

We want your feedback about whether this information is useful, whether the formatting makes the information easy to access and whether any information you need is missing. To provide feedback, please send an email to

As you read the document, you will find information and several tools to consider before starting a SBHC, while developing a new SBHC, or for strengthening an already existing SBHC. The three major themes in this document are partnerships, finance, and practice. These three components are what make for a strong, sustainable, and vibrant SBHC because they address the necessary engagement of students, schools, families and community; emphasize the procurement and maintenance of precious resources needed to support the financial sustainability of the center; and describe the roles that health practitioners and staff play in supporting students.

This guide has been developed in such a way that you can use the embedded hyperlinks to take you to the exact section you want to read. Words in blue are hyperlinks. You can use the table of contents to navigate the document by clicking on the section that you want to read.