SBHC Services


Each local community and school decides which services will be offered at its SBHC. SBHC services vary but generally include the following types of care:

Primary care for injuries and illness
Comprehensive well-child examinations
Sports physicals
Immunizations and laboratory tests 
Prescription and over-the-counter medications
Referrals to other providers

Behavioral health
Individual, group, and family therapy
Alcohol and substance abuse counseling
Behavioral health awareness and outreach, including suicide prevention and anti-stigma activities
Screening for behavioral health issues
Crisis prevention and intervention

Health promotion and risk-reduction programs
Classroom-based health education
Support for life style-related health issues, such as physical activity, diet, and weight

Other possible services:
Clinical services for school staff and families
Clinical and behavioral case management
Health education services for the community
Telehealth services, particularly for psychiatric consultation
Reproductive health services (varies; i.e., some schools may refer students to outside community resources and some may not offer any type of service)


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